Update: ShoutCast v1 with Chrome

"After much discussion and looking at how many users this impacts, we plan on re-enabling HTTP/0.9 over ports other than 80 for Chrome 56.  We'll remove it again in Chrome 57, but we'll also add a hack to allow it just for responses that look to be from Shoutcast servers (Ones that start with "ICY").  So behavior should be just like it was in ... Read More »

5th Mar 2017
Chrome not supporting ShoutCast 1.

Chrome currently has no plans to resolve this issue at the current time. The current workaround to resolve the web player issue for your chrome users. Will be to use our Web Proxy option provided with all our streams.You will need to update the listen link on your webpages with the following. Please note this link is custom to each stream and you ... Read More »

22nd Dec 2016

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